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Nader Boulaich

Inspiration Unleashed: Breaking Boundaries

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Lack of Inspiration

We often find ourselves waiting for inspiration to come to us before we start creating our next art piece, building our product, or writing our article. We keep delaying, hoping that inspiration will arrive soon, giving us the green light to begin. However, this waiting game can hold us back and limit our potential. It’s time to break free from this cycle and take charge of our creativity. Let’s be proactive, starting our work regardless of whether inspiration has struck or not.

inspiration of creatives

The Myth of Waiting for Creativity

The idea of waiting for inspiration has become deeply ingrained in our creative mindset. We think it’s crucial for creating outstanding work. However, this waiting game often leads to procrastination, missed deadlines, and frustration. When we rely solely on external sources to spark our creativity, we unintentionally limit our own potential.

Byproduct of Work

Rather than waiting for inspiration, we should embrace the idea that creativity stems from consistent and purposeful effort. By actively involving ourselves in our work, we cultivate an environment that fosters inspiration. As the renowned artist Chuck Close wisely stated, “Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us simply show up and get to work.” When we show up and fully engage in the creative process, inspiration naturally finds its way to us.

Inspiration is a little bit like love. Searching for love or the perfect romantic partner is like waiting for inspiration to strike. The harder you try, the longer it will evade you.

To feel inspired, we first need to stop seeking inspiration. This might sound counterproductive at first, and it appears to involve risk because we often work under pressure. We often don’t have the time to stop thinking about something we actually need to think about. But I’ve found, more often than not, that trying to force it wastes more time than anything else.

Inspiration usually strikes when you are not forcing it to strike.

Imagine inspiration as a random pattern in our lives, like the example below. When we try too hard to find it, our path becomes narrow and straight, limiting our chances of stumbling upon inspiration. The odds of encountering it become quite slim, and we could end up waiting indefinitely.

example of inspiration

When I let go of the pressure to force inspiration, to constantly chase after it, and instead allow it to come naturally, my path becomes more organic and unpredictable. I might take a walk, watch a movie, read a book, or simply start working on something. It doesn’t really matter what I do specifically. What truly matters is that I’m open to new experiences and situations that increase the likelihood of stumbling upon those moments of inspiration. It’s like being ready to catch those little sparks of creativity when they unexpectedly appear.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.”
- Pablo Picasso

The key is to start taking action, right now! Begin working even if you don’t feel inspired or know exactly where you’re headed. Inspiration strikes when we’re already in motion, not when we’re standing idly. This concept goes against our usual thinking, as we often believe we must first be inspired to start working. However, it’s actually the other way around.

We often admire productive and creative people, just as we admire those we consider “lucky.” We may perceive luck as unpredictable or unfair, with some having more of it than others. But luck is more about our attitude. While we may not have direct control over luck, we can increase our chances by placing ourselves in situations that open us up to it. The same principle applies to inspiration.


Instead of waiting for inspiration to come to you, take action and you’ll inevitably encounter it. Putting yourself in motion will lead you straight to it.